Enhancing the Ceilings of Residential
and Commercial Properties

Popcorn Removal Services

We can replace your dated for damaged ceilings with knockdown texture or a smooth finish making your ceilings like new. Popcorn is a gypsum-based product, which makes removing it messy and difficult. Save yourself the hassle of scraping it off, and hire a drywall professional who is licensed and insured with worker’s compensation. Choose Jason LoPiccolo Drywall & Spray Textures, LLC! I can work on homes and commercial buildings. You can count on me to efficiently complete the project and make sure nothing in your property gets damaged.

Finishing Styles

Once the popcorn has been removed the ceilings must be re finished to receive knockdown texture or a smooth finish.

Knockdown Texture

A knockdown texture can be best described as a “stucco-like” finish. Joint compound is sprayed on wall or ceilings and then trowled to give it its appearance. Knockdown should be sprayed from a large mix and pump machine in order to achieve uniform consistency. Knockdown texture must be painted.

Smooth Finish

Smooth finishing has been around forever and will never go out of style. To achieve a high-quality smooth finish, ceilings are skim-coated (two coats for drywall and three coats for concrete slabs) with a joint compound. Afterward, the surface is sanded to eliminate imperfections

Smooth ceilings are typically more labor-intensive, and time-consuming than textured ceilings. In addition, smooth ceilings do not hide imperfections.

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